Does the “Ramp Vegetable Cure” Work?

Does Eating Ramps Really Cure Women Ailments? There is overwhelming proof of the value of this cure in the letters (emails) being constantly being received containing completely solicited (and well paid for) praise, and honest, genuine testimony of the results of our recipes. The ‘Ramp Vegetable Cure’ is efficient and valuable because it contains the […]

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What are Ramps (Wild Leeks)?

You might have seen bundles of ramps or wild leeks at your local fresh food market, roadside stand or small grocery store and wondered what kind of vegetable they were. If you have ever wondered just what ramps were and how to start cooking with them then this article will show you how. So What […]

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Ramps, Bacon, and Fried Potatoes

According to the blog Foodie in WV… “Early in the month of March means one thing in our house, ramps! With family that live in the mountain counties we are able to get ramps early in the season (when I think they taste the best) and by the end of the month I have normally […]

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Ramped Up Cream Cheese Pinwheels

This is one of our favorites for quick and easy “company’s coming” appetizers or for those lazy weekend movie snacks!

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Fresh Ramp Vinaigrette Recipe

We got an email just the other day that the ramps were in at the local farmers’ market just outside of Asheville. Yes, we have spies at the market! Okay, not really but since this is WNC’s largest outdoor farm market, it is usually the first place that ramps can be found in our area […]

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Ramp & Spice Rub Recipe

This ramp rub was inspired by a Tuscan spice rub. It is very aromatic with the ramps, basil, garlic, rosemary and oregano. It is especially good on chicken thighs, salmon steaks or chops.

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Ramped Up Oregano-Garlic Marinade & Basting Sauce

Okay, we know that with our ramp salt blend AND the fresh garlic, you might think this recipe is overkill. And yes you would be right. This recipe is definitely for those people who really enjoy garlic. The addition of the ramp salt just adds an even more earthly garlic favor to this very rustic […]

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