Can the Ramp Vegetable Cure Help You Lose Weight?

Ramp Queens, April 27, 2014

Obesity in 1950s America (7)The Ramp Vegetable Cure for Weight Loss?

The combination of choice ramp recipes, herbs and the occasional sip of mountain made moonshine, will cure (almost) any women’s weight issues was discovered more than 114 years ago, and for over a half a century been outlawed – despite it’s beneficial effect.

Lucida Ramson’s Ramp Vegetable Cure is now world famous (due to the Internet) and can be found by following the ramp recipes on this website.

“I was doctored on for over three years for my womanly troubles – yet got no relief. I would often feel to full and swollen that I thought I was just about to pop!

I could no longer wear my corset and I could barely do my housework. The situation
became a drag on me and I had no ambition to do anything.

My doctor claimed my condition was simply chronic indigestion from over-eating but I had my doubts.

Then our wonderful family “druggist”, came by with our weekly order of Wacky Tabacky, told me about the ramp vegetable cure!

So I sat down that night and prepared several ramp dishes from the recipes found on the website.

The next morning I was simply amazed at how
good I felt. Now I can sleep good all night and I can do all my work. Not to mention, I have dropped over 50 pounds – all due to Mrs. Ramson’s Ramp Vegetable cure!”

~ Mrs. Mary Jane Hunger, Denver, CO.


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