The Ramp Cookbook


The Best Ramp Recipe Cookbook Ever for Just $5.00

Unique Ramp Cookbook showcases both fresh and dried ramp dishes

According to cookbook publisher Melinda Knies,”People often develop very strong feelings about ramps.

Too often people misguidedly think of ramp recipes as being ‘mounatin folk’s food’ or being ‘too stinky’ to eat.

Wrong, wrong, wrong! Ramps simply don’t get the culinary respect they deserve. 

Which is why we wrote our ramp recipe cookbook.  Rapturous Ramp Recipes showcases ramps in various dishes that prove that they are one of America’s most underrated spring vegetables.

Our handy cookbook has 30 fantastic tasting ramp recipes – one for each day of the month – using both fresh ramps and our specialty dried Ramp spice blends. We even included a recipe on how to dry ramps for yourself at home!

This cookbook provides the perfect opportunity for those who have been previously hesitant to try cooking with ramps or using ramps in food, said Chancer Reese, who co-authored the book with Knies.

Our cookbook is very down home yet has ramp dishes that can be served for special occasions – our guests often don’t even realize they are eating a dish that has ramp flakes or seasonings in it.

But they all rave about how ramp dishes have an unique and unexpected taste – ‘full of earthy garlic and wild onion flavors’ as one of our guests said.”

Grab a Copy of the Best Ramp Recipes Below!


Ramp-Cover2 Rapturous Ramp Recipes – 30 Delicious Ramp Recipes You Can Eat Everyday for a Month (If You Dare!)”

This wonderful downloadable cookbook showcases recipes using both fresh ramps and dried ramp seasonings.

We’re happy to be bringing these simple and delicious recipes to you, your friends and family.

What you can have in the next 90 seconds…

  •  A 47 page recipe cookbook – includes kitchen wisdom on the history, care and storage of ramps.
  • 30 Ramp recipes – 20 recipes for freshly harvested ramps and 10 for dried ramps (including a recipe on how to dry ramps for yourself at home)
  • Classic recipes from the mountains of the Southern Appalachians to ramped up twists on modern gourmet favorites.
  • Instantly Downloadable – Don’t wait weeks to get a hard copy when you can download it now and get cooking tonight.
  • Printable – This cookbook is in a PDF format so you can print out just the recipes you want or the entire book.
  • Searchable – search the entire cookbook by ingredients or by serving size.
  • Portable – Download the cookbook onto your external drive and take it with you to create ramp dishes at  family gatherings, church socials, or community fundraisers.
  • 2 versions – one suitable for viewing on your desktop monitor at home with another optimized for easy viewing on almost any mobile device like a smartphone, ebook-reader or tablet.
  • A unique food adventure – whether you have eaten them all your life or are just trying them for the first time, we guarantee that cooking up a mess of ramps, will brighten your day.

So why waste your time slogging around on the internet, trying to find the best ramp recipes when we have done all the hard work for you?

Get some the best tasting ramp recipes here in one place for only $5.00

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