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“Nothing worked until I discovered the Ramp Vegetable cure”

“I Tried Many Remedies but Nothing worked until I Ate More Ramps” “Every month, I had so many pains (all over my head, neck and shoulders) that I often fainted and had to leave my work as first grade school teacher. I felt sorry for the poor substitute that had to deal with the 45 […]

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“Are We Women Naturally Despondent without Ramps?”

Curing the Woman Woes with Ramps An abnormal condition of the system such as marriage, child-rearing, friendship or work can express itself in a woman as nervousness, sleeplessness, backaches, headaches, despondency. These stressful conditions medically known and PITA (pains-in-the-a–) can go on for years. Therefore, we recommend that all ailing women make faithful use of […]

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Does the “Ramp Vegetable Cure” Work?

Does Eating Ramps Really Cure Women Ailments? There is overwhelming proof of the value of this cure in the letters (emails) being constantly being received containing completely solicited (and well paid for) praise, and honest, genuine testimony of the results of our recipes. The ‘Ramp Vegetable Cure’ is efficient and valuable because it contains the […]

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What are Ramps (Wild Leeks)?

You might have seen bundles of ramps or wild leeks at your local fresh food market, roadside stand or small grocery store and wondered what kind of vegetable they were. If you have ever wondered just what ramps were and how to start cooking with them then this article will show you how. So What […]

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We Published a Ramp Cookbook! – Rapturous Ramp Recipes

  New Cookbook Fuses Great Ramp Recipes using Gourmet Dried Ramp Spices along with the Fresh Ramp Recipes In their newly published digital cookbook – ‘Rapturous Ramp Recipes’, the publishers of (Ramp Queens Melinda Knies & Chancer Reese) have created an innovative new genre using both fresh and dried Ramps that bridges the gap […]

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Free Ramp Recipes & Food Tasting!

Ramp Food Tasting – Friday March 22 2013 Come Join Us at Mountain Made Art Gallery for a night of ramped up foods and wonderful live music! We will be serving samples of such wonderful ramp recipes as “Savory Salmon Pate” and Olive Oil infused with Ramp Flakes and much more. Tasting will be from […]

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Harvesting Our Ramps Responsibly

Often people wonder if the ramps that they see in the stores, festivals and roadside markets have been harvested in a sustainable manner. While we can’t speak for anyone else, here at Ramp It Cooking, we only work with Western North Carolina family farmers and especially trained wild food harvesters like Dustin Raxter, for our products. […]

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