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2 Unique Gift Ideas for Foodies Who Have Everything

This Product is No Longer Available! If you know someone who watches all the network cooking shows almost religiously then you know you have a real foodie on your hands. So what can you buy them that they don’t already have? Get them some ramp seasonings! Ramps or wild leeks are the wonderfully tasty but […]

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Ramp It Up Cooking™ Ramp Seasonings

SOLD OUT! Ramp Seasoning™ Dried ramps. This wonderful seasoning has a nice strong flavor, which has all the taste of spring time ramps (or wild leeks) but now in a convenient mini-shaker bottle. While Ramp Seasoning is milder than fresh ramps,  it is also much less stinky! Usage Tips Add to meat, fish or chicken […]

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Ramp It Up Cooking™ Ramp Flakes

SOLD OUT! Ramp Flakes Dehydrated ramps. These rare, ramps (or wild leeks) have a flavor, which suggests a blend of both onions and garlic. It is very flavorful and yet milder in taste and less pungent than fresh ramps. Usage Tips Add to meat loaf and sauces for chicken or seafood. Use in relishes or […]

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Got Ramps?

Got Enough Ramps Yet? If you are anything like us – then the answer is NO.  We just can’t get enough of those little “Stinky Stars of the Spring Season”. That’s why we created this blog, so we can share many of our best kept ramp secrets.

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