Ramp It Up Cooking™ Ramp Seasonings


Ramp Seasoning™

Dried ramps. This wonderful seasoning has a nice strong flavor, which has all the taste of spring time ramps (or wild leeks) but now in a convenient mini-shaker bottle.

While Ramp Seasoning is milder than fresh ramps,  it is also much less stinky!

Usage Tips

Add to meat, fish or chicken for a wickedly noticeable punch of garlic-onion. Use in sauces or add to egg dishes, potatoes, rice or noodles for something different.


100% sustainably harvested or organically grown Ramps

Available Sizes

1/8oz. container

Spice Storage

Store all ramp spices in a cool & dark space

Why is this a Premium Spice?

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$10.00 + $4.00 shipping/handling = $14.00 USD

Ordering Information

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