Gosh Ma! Can Ya Fix that Ramp Breath?

A Ramp Lover Walks Her Path Alone? How to cure “Ramp Breath”

Gosh Ma! Can Ya Fix that Ramp Breath?
Gosh Ma! Can Ya Fix that Ramp Breath?

How to Cure Ramp Breath

Eat Ramps without worry about the funk

Ramps are some the best tasting wild foods most Americans can lay their lips to. But unfortunately ramps have a bad rep due to their stinky side-effects.

Like their smelly cousins onions and garlic, ramps can make you stink!

It can take up to 72 hours for the ramp smell to leave your body – which is why it has such a bad reputation in close social gathering.  Below are some quick tips on how to combat the world-famous ramp funk:

  1. Eat apples after consuming a ramp dish. Apples seem to remove both the bad breath and neutralize the ramp body odors.
  2. Use mustard to cleanse your mouth & body. Take a small spoon full and swish around in your month then spit it out. Then swallow about 1/2 teaspoon full. Like apples, mustard go down to the stomach and kill the ramp smells throughout the body.
  3. Eat mint or parsley. Fresh parsley, all mints (the plant) and fresh minty tea can all help remove the odor from eating too many ramps.
  4. If possible, chew gum with xylitol.  Orbit Gum contains  xylitol whic is verygood for freshening up your breath.
  5. Drink your fluids. Often ramp breath (and body odor) hangs around a long time because smells from ramps, onions or garlic are normally removed from the body through the release of sweat.  So by drinking more fluids – and sweating more through exercise – you can speed up the odor removal cycle.
  6. Another way is simple basic hygiene. Showering more frequently and brushing your teeth immediately having eating ramps may also help cut down on the funk.
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