Does eating Ramps Make you a better mother?

Does Cooking with Ramps Make Better Children?

Does eating Ramps Make you a better mother?Eating Ramps Works Wonders!

“When we hear of so many college boys and girls and other young people in restaurants, stores and offices who seem to be unfit to perform even the most menial of regular duties because of some derangement peculiar to their mindsets (laziness) – we often wonder could it be that their mothers never fed their children ramps?

Surely no right thinking independent woman, let alone a mother who wants children filled with vim, vigor and vitality would fail to regularly create dishes from the Rapturous Ramp Recipes cookbook and served them to their families, especially during those troublesome teenage years.

As a mother of 16 – ten girls and 6 boys – I can testify that a huge helping of ramps, eaten every spring can ward off even the most aggressive behavior in young people – preventing dating and most other social contact while revitalizing their growing bodies!” ~ Lucida Ransom, Asheville NC

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