ramp breath? we know how to cure it

Village Voice Cookbook of the Week Review by Hannah Palmer Egan

ramp breath? we know how to cure itThe Worst Recipe for Ramps on the Internet?

Thanks Hannah Palmer Egan <sarcastic wink>

We were browsing the net today, when we discovered that Hannah Palmer Egan listed one of our recipes “Ramps and Salmon Pate” as one of the “The Worst Recipes for Ramps on the Internet”

According to Ms. Egan …

“In the last few years, ramp season has spiraled out of control, and so today, in honor of the holiday of fools, we offer you something a bit different than our usual Cookbook of the Week entry: a full-on ramp experience comprised of the worst ramp recipes on the internet.

Hors d’oeuvres:

You’ll need to begin on the right foot, which at any sophisticated dinner means at least one dip and one pate, so:

Ramp canned salmon pate:

Nothing says fancy like salmon, but if you lack time to make home-cured gravlax (in this case, since it’s ramp season, you’ll want to substitute ramps for dill) simply puree your ramps with premium canned fish for an easy pate that’s sure to impress.

For an extra touch of color and class, top it off with a spoonful of fresh salmon roe and a sprinkle of fresh diced ramps. “

Now Ms. Egan, bless her heart is one of those “food and culture” writers for that New York city blog the Village Voice.

Naturally just the thought of eating canned “salmon” is probably beneath her since, she is able to stroll down to her local fish monger and pick up a pound or two fresh salmon anytime she would like.

Being a Yankee naturally makes it difficult for her to perhaps understand a Southerner’s love of both canned salmon and ramps.

Both food products – no matter how maligned – have feed many a generation of hungry mountain people through both good times and bad.

And please forgive us poor country cooks for not having time to “make home-cured gravlax” (whatever the hell that is) since we are people who work for a living – instead of gallivanting about writing and whining about good food not meeting our elevated standards.

Perhaps, Ms. a nice dish of ramps (direct from the family who dug them), eggs (non-organic from the carton) and potatoes (fresh from the plastic bag).

True this type of dish might be a be a bit low class for a woman, who describers herself as a ” New York writer, photographer and artist.”

Still in our humble opinion, some plain living, just might help cure her of her big city narrow-mindedness and food snobbery.

But we still want to thank Ms.

And yes, we looked it up: gravlax is dry salmon cured with salt and dill. Really Hannah dahling, here in North Carolina we don’t dry fish – we fry it!

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