Are the Best Tasting Ramps From North Carolina?


Best Tasting Ramps From North Carolina?

Why yes! We feel that the best-tasting ramps in the world are found right here on the steep bluffs of Western North Carolina!  Sure lots of other parts of the country can lay claim to growing ramps – but those are just pitiful weak-willed “wild leeks” in our opinion.


Only here in the shadows of Great Smoky Mountains – under the cool shade of Southern hardwood trees grow some of the freshest, sharpest tasting ramps in country – ones that are so good that they can make entire communities of strong mountain folks weep for joy in the spring time!

The Western North Carolina Ramp Difference

Ramps are often called “wild leeks” by people who are only eaten them in some fancy city restaurant. But here in the small mountain towns and tiny river valley communities of Western North Carolina ramps just taste different!

Ramps have grown wild here for generations, carefully harvested first by Native American peoples then later on by Appalachian foragers and hunters.  As the “stinky king of spring” ramps are chunk full of nutrition such as vitamins A, C and Selenium.

So coming off a long winter many Appalachian families were glad to supplement their diets with this wonderfully pungent member of the onion family.

But it’s the unique climate and terrain of WNC – our mild winters, rainy springs along with our steep granite hillsides covered with thick, leafy hardwoods that provide the perfect setting for both wild gathered and farm-grown ramps.

So we here at work closely with a select crew of experienced and licensed ramp foragers and small family farmers, who harvest only the best tasting mature ramps.

Then through a secret process we are able offer to you a collection of premium quality ramp flakes and ramp seasoning powders and salts – now you can indulge your ramp cravings all year long!

Learn more about our new ramp seasonings here.

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