The Ramp Vegetable Cure for Fitness?

Ramp Queens, May 2, 2014

the ramp vegetable cure and hoop hotties

The Ramp Vegetable Cure helps hoop hotties

“It Was the Worst Basketball Season Ever…”

“Until We Found the Ramp Vegetable Cure!”


“The coach said that the “Gentleman’s Power Elixir” would help our team win more games. But is was the worst product!

I been taking a triple-shot of the Power Elixir every day for a month along with a stack with vitamins and I had not seen a difference.

Although the school physician swore it was the cause of my sudden male-pattern baldness  and my hyper-activity – but what did he know?

Instead of gaining the “power of a winner” as the bottle claimed, I felt weak and like I was going to hurl any moment and cast up my accounts.

While the “Gentleman’s Power Elixir” might work for other people but it did not help me at all. It just helped me waste my quarterly pin money.

But after watching a stinking competitor (who had just won) indulge in several helpings of a dish based on the Ramp Vegetable Cure, I decided to try it out for myself.

The Ramp Vegetable Cure helped me shed 25 pounds so far and that’s in just a month! It’s an amazing product, and you don’t even have to workout or  practice to see results.

To respond to comments of high prices and that the Ramp Vegetable Cure is like a quack drug etc.

Yes it gives you energy, a lot of it depending on your size and what you do with that energy.

The first day I ate a dish of ramps I had so much energy that broke out in a huge sweat while sleeping.

It was really uncomfortable for my room mate and I had a horrible smell the next morning but since that first day I haven’t smelled anything off-putting (although my room mate still whines).

But then I shared my little secret with the whole team. It was great. The Ramp Vegetable Cure forces your competitors push away from you during heated games.

To win a game, you don’t have to do any more that eat the cure! My team and I went on to win the Ladies inner-city tourney against the Housewives of Atlanta – and we owe it all to the Cure.

I truly love the Ramp Vegetable Cure The Ramp Vegetable Cure makes your competitors push away from you doing heating games – to win you don’t have to do more that eat the cure!”

~ Miss Clara B. Taller, Co-Captain of the “Prissy Panthers” – the JV basketball team of the Madeira School for Young Ladies, Atlanta GA

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