Got Ramps?

, September 15, 2010


Got Enough Ramps Yet?

If you are anything like us – then the answer is NO.  We just can’t get enough of those little “Stinky Stars of the Spring Season”. That’s why we created this blog, so we can share many of our best kept ramp secrets.

Okay, we admit that our “secrets” might not be all that hush-hush, but as this site grows we promise we will add more useful articles, tasty ramp recipes and other cool tips about cooking, eating and loving ramps!

So welcome to – one of the very best free collections of delicious ramps recipes and ramp information on the Internet.

But if you are as crazy about ramps as we are, be sure to browse through the categories of articles listed below …

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Learn How to Cook with Ramps

ramps cookbook

Discover How to Cook Ramp Recipes so Delicious You'll Wanna Slap People Away from Your Plate! We invite you to check out our new cookbook > Rapturous Ramp Recipes.

Do You Like Ramps?

Great! You Have Come to the Right Place for Wild Leek Lovers ...

This site contains a lot of articles, recipes, facts, and other great stuff about ramps (wild leeks) - Go, here to see more.

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