Ramp It Up Cooking™ Ramp Flakes

Ramp Queens, November 21, 2012

Ramp Flakes

Dehydrated ramps. These rare, ramps (or wild leeks) have a flavor, which suggests a blend of both onions and garlic.

It is very flavorful and yet milder in taste and less pungent than fresh ramps.

Usage Tips

Add to meat loaf and sauces for chicken or seafood. Use in relishes or add to egg dishes, tomato and barbecue sauces to kick it up a notch.


100% sustainably harvested or organically grown Ramps

Available Size

1/8oz. container

Spice Storage

Store all ramp spices in a cool & dark space

Why is this a Premium Spice?

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Learn How to Cook with Ramps

ramps cookbook

Discover How to Cook Ramp Recipes so Delicious You'll Wanna Slap People Away from Your Plate! We invite you to check out our new cookbook > Rapturous Ramp Recipes.

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Learn to Cook with Ramps

Ramp Recipes so Good You'll Wanna Slap People Away from Your Plate!

ramps cookbook

To discover how to cook tasty ramp recipes, we invite you to check our new cookbook, Rapturous Ramp Recipes.