“Are We Women Naturally Despondent without Ramps?”

Ramp Queens, April 9, 2014

mountain-womanCuring the Woman Woes with Ramps

An abnormal condition of the system such as marriage, child-rearing, friendship or work can express itself in a woman as nervousness, sleeplessness, backaches, headaches, despondency.

These stressful conditions medically known and PITA (pains-in-the-a–) can go on for years.
Therefore, we recommend that all ailing women make faithful use of that grand remedy Lucida Ramson’s “Ramp Vegetable Cure”.

If more women would consistently partake of this flavorful yet malodorous cure, the instances of PITA would wane naturally over time!

Says One Woman,” I was all run down in health, my back ached all the time, and I had a tired feeling and no ambition to do anything.

At work I was always nervous and experienced sharp vicious headaches from dealing with my difficult boss and lying-back-stabbing-no-good-catty co-workers!  I had tried a number of cures before (but the judge recommended that I take anger management classes instead).

Then one day I read about Lucida Ramson’s ‘Ramp Vegetable Cure’ on RampItUpCooking.com. I had heard how those wonderful food recipes helped so many women like me, so I tried it!

The recipe I used was all-natural, no artificial anything just pure RAMPS and it worked like a charm!  I ate two full plates of a sumptuous ramp dish and the very next day – like magic, for the first time in months I was left in peace!

I felt fine and people standing downwind asked what I had done since I looked so great!
I couldn’t wait to try another recipe that night. I can honestly recommend it to any woman who was suffering as I was”  ~ Mrs. Addy B. Otch. Sandy Mush NC

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